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Jimmy Robinson is the 12-string wizard of New Orleans. His latest release, Guitarworks, is brilliant. The writing, the recording, the arrangements, the production, the vocals, the instrumentals…everything: “top of the heap”. (OK, You Make Me Crazy is amazing in its own way but indeed…it made us crazy). Mastery of the guitar and the heart of an artist is evident throughout Guitarworks. Jimmy’s rendition of Little Wing is superb as is Hurt. In the midst of this virtuosity, what intrigued us most what seems to be the just-below-the-surface subtext. What energizes the incandescent intensity of this music? Not that anyone but the artist can say, but it brings to mind music’s ability to express the things that don’t fit into words. Relationships fail (Can’t Stop Drinking, Everything Must Go, You Make Me Crazy). We come up short with one another (Hurt, River of Tears). The high-energy instrumentals speak with an energy that transcends language. In the midst of brokenness art brings its own kind of redemption. When Jimmy works his guitar that’s what we hear. We’re pleased to present two tracks from the album: Morning and Colin Brown
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Celtic music is characterized by its beautiful (almost hypnotic) melodies. Guitarist Anton Emery masterfully communicates this mystic sense of melody with just two hands and six strings. Based in Oregon, Anton performs at various sessions in Portland’s Celtic music scene. We’re pleased that he’s brought us three beautiful tracks to share with you from his new album Noone Lasses: Cloonagroe Reel, Inion Ni Scannlain and O’Carolan’s Receipt
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The musical adventures of Canadian guitarist Dean Wolfe began as a child. He took up the piano at a young age, but soon directed his talents to the guitar. Even from a young age he was creating his own music. He has toured professionally and currently heads up the Dean Wolfe Band. Along with the band and his singer/songwriter music, Dean performs fingerstyle acoustic guitar music. You’ll enjoy the tune he’s sharing with us: The Fish Are Jumping (Canadian River)
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Rob Chiavelli is a fingerstyle guitarist who has lived on both coasts – raised in Westchester County, New York and living in southern California since 1991. After a few guitar lessons at an early age Rob began to explore the guitar on his own. With a natural aversion to barre chords, he began experimenting with alternate tunings. This lead to an exploration of partial capos – even pulling out the o’Dremmel to modify a capo beyond what is commercially available. The result of all this experimenting and exploring: a batch of fine, fresh tunes, slightly raw but ready for listening. From his new album, Glean, we’re proud to present: Jasper and Carnelian, Segue and Soul’s Rest
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