how to write a song on guitar

Ideas for Writing a Song

We all need a little extra inspiration sometimes. If you’re in the mood to write a song, but feeling stuck for ideas, the following tips just might help you break through that writer’s block!

Idea #1: Listen To Some “Mood Music”

Maybe you want to write a “sad” song, but you aren’t feeling connected to any sad subjects? Pull out some of your favorite cd’s with those types of songs on them and start listening! Let yourself really get into the mood of the music.

Also, pay attention to what you like about each song, and start thinking about how you could recreate those elements in your own song.

Idea #2: Be Ridiculous

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to force creativity or finding subject matter for songwriting. If your inner critic is going ballistic and you’re dissatisfied with everything you’ve written, then you need to find a way to let go of the outcome for the time being.

A great way to do this is to stop trying to write something “meaningful”, and just play around by writing something silly or funny instead. While this might sound counter-intuitive, it really does have the power to work wonders.

Idea #3: Ignore The Lyrics For A While

You don’t have to write the song lyrics and the music at the same time. Instead, you could focus strictly on composing music. Sit down and improvise for a while, and record yourself as you go. Play back your spontaneous jam session and listen for melodic ideas you can expand upon.

Idea #4: Write A Song For Someone Else

Have you ever noticed it is often easier to do things for others than for ourselves? Call up a friend and have him or her tell you about an event or person in their life that they think is song-worthy.

Idea #5: Ignore The Music For A While

If your problem isn’t the words, but the music, then allow yourself to ignore that element for the time being. Just sit down and write. You don’t even have to write in lyrical form. Do some journalism for a while or write some free-form poetry.

Idea #6: Give Yourself More Structure

Sometimes you can be blocked by having too many options. Create a new challenge for yourself by coming up with specific parameters for the song you’ll write. For instance, you could tell yourself you’re going to write a folk song in the key of E Major, and you’re going to use an ABAB rhyme scheme. The more “rules” you lay out for the song, the better, because your creativity will respond to the challenge!

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