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Learn Acoustic Guitar Chords the Best Way

To learn acoustic guitar chords, one needs not only the right discipline but the right strategy in which they are comfortable with. The following are helpful tips on how to learn acoustic guitar chords.

(1) Memorizing and Playing

Just like any other musical instrument, most people would prefer to memorize the chords and start playing them right away. There are guitar chord charts sold at book stores, which can help, provide the basic things to remember when learning the first chords.

The good chords to start with are A, C, D, E, and G. If you can find sheet music or tabs, which contain these primary chords, then you are on your way to being accustomed to playing these basic chords, giving you a good foundation for your studying. One you have memorized where your fingers should go, then move on with new chords and repeat the same process.

(2) Learning to Create Chords from Scales

Some people try to learn acoustic guitar chords by studying music theory. This approach used to learn acoustic guitar chords is usually time consuming but is really helpful in making one learn the basics. Learning the basics can help one build their own chords over time.

A serious music student would want to learn the major and minor key signatures and also the notes on each scale. Being familiar with these basic concepts can help in making one get used to building chords on their guitar. Useful in studying music theory is a chart, which shows where the chords are on your guitar.

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(3) Learning from Watching

While some learn acoustic guitar chords by studying music theory, some would prefer to watch tutorial videos or even other players play and eventually start to learn from them. There are video hosting websites like YouTube that has tutorial videos.

Seeing how other players position their fingers on the guitar and the ability to pause the video to make sure that one can follow the finger positioning is one of the best things watching tutorial videos online can give. It is often the most preferred way to learn acoustic guitar chords because it can be done within the comfort of one’s home.

(4) Practice, Practice, and Practice

There is nothing better to do to learn acoustic guitar chords than to constantly practice whenever you can. One cannot learn guitar chords overnight; with constant practice, one can eventually master all the chords and be good at it.

There you go! To master guitar chords certainy takes more than this 400 words article. But you won’t get anywhere if you don’t start somewhere.

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